Violet's Room Makeover

Can you believe I have not redone Violet's Room? As a designer you would think that I would have made her room awesome, colorful and fun...Not the case. She seemed happy enough with her bunk bed and all of her toys but she just didn't enjoy playing in her room. I have been so busy designing my collections and running my company that Violet's room just fell to the side. As you can see from this picture her room was a mess but it had a good base to start from. 
I started researching on Pinterest to find my inspiration for her room and I came up with a plan. 
I had bought a few things over the years that I was intending to put into her space but I just didn't get around to doing it yet, here was my chance. I cleared everything from her room and made it a blank space. We cleaned the room and organized all the books and toys.
So here  was my game plan...
For her bed area use her Ikea Kura Bed as the base, add a Kip & Coe Canopy and Tassle Throw, bring in a colorful NuLoom Rug I got at Houzz,  Teal Bedsheets from Target and textiles we have collected in our travels. 
For one side of the bed I created a  feature wall. Violet already had a cute Unicorn Head from Pillowfort, Rainbow Wall hanging and Ikea Dollhouse, they all work really well together. The other side of the bed I made into a Cozy Corner.  I bought some Floating Bookshelves, a Fuzzy Beanbag and sweet Pineapple Night Light to finish the space off.  
We organized the bookshelf with the books she uses more within reach.
Inside her bottom bunk I used the same wrapping paper that I used as a feature on her bunk bed to make a cute little collage of some of her favorite people, with room to add more. These little Star String Lights are so cute and are battery operated LED. The curtains I made from a curtain panel that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, I cut it in half and hemmed it. This expandable shower curtain rod is perfect and now Violet has the cutest little curtains to give her the feeling of privacy and safety.
On one side of her bed I created Violet's new "Cozy Corner". It's a place for her chill out when she's in need of quiet time.  I put floating shelves with some of her favorite books and the cutest nightlight.
On the other side of her bed I created a cute feature wall with all of the cute things we had been collecting. 
Violet loves to collect Raine & Sky purses and these little peel and stick knobs from Ikea are perfect to keep them all organized. 
I purposefully don't hang anything above her bed that could fall and hurt her so this Meri Meri, Half Moon String decoration from Shout & About was a perfect solution.
So far Violet absolutely loves her new room, she plays in it for hours and is enjoying discovering it's little treasures.

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