Behind - Ultra Violet Kids FW16

The best part of being a designer is seeing your vision become a reality.  It's really helpful for me compile a library of all that inspires me for each season. FW16 was inspired by the 1970's psychedelic culture and the 1990's rave scene. It's a colorful, creative and playful collection for kids to really have a blast wearing. 

Inspiration boards help me visualize each season and keep me excited as the season moves. 


I may only take one element from the photograph, a color, print idea, or the feeling it exudes. Inspiration boards help me get to my end goal and create a beautiful and cohesive collection. 



How gorgeous is this fabric and the shape of these oversized voluminous jumpsuits created by Christian Dior in 1966? I look at these and think: color, shape, pattern, movement, all on point. 



For Fall 2016 our prints were inspired by rainbow, stars and everything mystic. The silhouettes are our signature and give the feeling of vintage classics but executed in a modern way. This keeps our collection classic with a twist. Peter Max was a major inspiration for our our prints, color and photo concepts, his art is incredibly moving. 



I love the idea of one color head to toe especially when styled with your bff's all in different colors that make up a rainbow. 


I love vintage denim. When I was in my early 20's I was really into punk rock music and I would embellish my jackets and jeans with punk bands patches. This season I felt like using patches in a cheeky way so I picked banana patches, rainbows, peace signs, yin yangs and smiley faces. Patches that bring me back to the punky brewster style of my youth. 


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