Mini Muse Monday - Gianna Love

Mini Muse Inspiration!

How adorable is this Mini Muse? Gianna is so beautiful inside and out.  She has a magnetic quality and in all honesty she reminds me of a little Angelina Jolie. I think her style is on point too and so happy to have her wearing UVK. Follow her on IG @gbeloved for more style inspiration!


Name:  Gianna Love 




Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  She does not discriminate when it comes to ice cream but chocolate seems to be her favorite.


What age did she walk:  She was about 13 months when she became a proficient walker
Favorite family activity: Exploring!  Every Saturday we choose a new place to explore in our city.  Usually the best spots are the ones we discover without planning. 
Funny story about Gianna:  Well actually, just this morning, Gianna said something really funny.  She had gotten up earlier than usual and was able to enjoy breakfast with her big sister Eva (who is 10).  I told her that we needed to take Eva to school shortly and if she was excited for school.  She said, "Yes, I am, but my bus is broken".   It was cute.  I'm not sure where she comes up with these things.
Bonus fun fact:  My husband didn't want Gianna to have a middle name.  He likes things simple.  But, I'm a woman and let's be real-- nothing is ever simple with women.  We were about to be  discharged from the hospital when the nurse came back around for the last time, asking us to complete the birth certificate form.  My husband relented and we agreed on the name "Love".   The strange thing about this fact is that 3 months later, I was holding Gianna on my lap and her head was to the side.  I saw a very light colored birthmark on her scalp that I swear I hadn't seen before.  It was in the shape of a perfect heart.  I immediately thought of her middle name and how hard I had to fight for it.  When special things like this happen, I feel like it's meant to be shared.

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